SP Fastec Soft Binding

Freestyle | Freeride | All-Mountain

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Performance, comfort and convenience – it all comes together in the SP Brotherhood FASTEC model. This binding features the most innovative highback entry system on the market. Not only does the highback open and close via a cable-actuating lever, the ankle strap automatically opens to facilitate entry and exit, while enabling a fine tuned fit. The ankle strap also has a "relax" mode to relieve pressure when you're on the lifts. The binding offers an excellent boot fit and an extremely comfortable leather and textile strap set.

If you're looking for the convenience of a highback entry binding, but don't want to sacrifice performance or comfort, look no further. The SP Brotherhood model combines the best elements of conventional strap bindings with the super easy in-out convenience of highback entry. It's a light weight, all-mountain, all-style ready binding that's perfect for riders who don't need the absolute precision and adjustability of our FR2 Pro EVO.

Key Features