CATEK Polycarbonate Snowboard Binding Spacers

Catek Spacers

RS Race & Alpine Spacers | FRS Freeride Spacers

Purchase Online: $79 this day and age, you have to use protection. Whether you just hooked up with that titanal dream ride or you're trying to minimize the quiver population, it pays to protect the ones you love. Boards that is....

All jokes aside, the CATEK Spacers are all about protection. We custom machine super tough polycarbonate spacers that sit between your bindings (CATEK or any other brand) and your board. The RS and FRS Spacers distribute point loads – the pressure points that naturally occur at the perimeter of any binding's "footprint" – thereby protecting your board. This is crucial for titanal construction race boards, which are prone to point load induced damage. The FRS Freeride model spacers are ideal for lightweight freeride boards or BX boards that are subject to extreme loads.

The RS spacer for alpine and race boards (in 18cm waist and 20cm waist sizes), and the FRS spacer, which is shaped for wider freeride and boardercross boards (23cm waist minimum), are machined from 3/16" (4.7625mm) thick polycarbonate. This thickness is fairly flexible; it will not functionally stiffen your board, but it is ample to distribute the forces generated by even the heaviest, most aggressive riders. In a full season's testing, we never had a single board or spacer failure. Not even a crack. Not even when we grabbed an RS spacer with Vice-Grips and tried to snap it. Nothing. These things are tough.

Beyond just tough, though, they're smart. We embedded an elastomer layer into the center of the spacer. The elastomer grips the mounting screws to eliminate the mounting screw loosening systemic with "homemade" spacers. Both models of CATEK spacers are 4x4 and 3-hole compatible, too. Tough, smart, and equal opportunity – this is a product that should join every rider's "must-have" list. Why not be protected?