Kessler Snowboards

Alpine SL: 150cm, 156cm, 162cm (Black topsheet)
Alpine PGS: 168cm, 174cm, 185cm (Black topsheet)
Cross BX: 158cm, 163cm, 168cm (Black topsheet)

Purchase Online: Alpine SL, PGS $1525 | Cross BX: $1400

This is the board to beat on the World Cup or at your local USASA race series. Kessler boards have taken 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze medals in the Olympics, and are on virtually every World Cup podium. Simply put, Kesslers are the premier race boards available. And they're readily available to customers in North America directly through Catek.

We're delighted to carry the latest Kessler Swiss 'Alpine' and 'Cross' models in a complete range of sizes. These are Kessler's very latest designs and most popular sizes for current World Cup alpine and boardercross disciplines, built in the Nidecker factory using Kessler's custom molds and materials. All of these boards feature Kessler's new black topsheet over the trademark titanal construction. No other snowboard has won as many titles and medals in the world, whether international cups, world championships or Olympic medals.

If you absolutely need something different, we also are pleased to offer special order full-custom race and boardercross boards hand built by Hansjürg Kessler. These are the same boards that are under the feet of national team riders. Contact us directly to discuss your custom board specs – we'll special order your board direct from Kessler. These models vary in price based on your design needs.

Kessler Swiss Board Models

Model Lengths    
Alpine SL 150cm 156cm 162cm
Alpine PGS 168cm 174cm 185cm
Cross BX 158cm 163cm 168cm

Kessler Technology

What is it that makes Kessler boards so special? According to Hansjürg Kessler, the most important component of the boards' success is the KST shape – an advanced, multi-radius sidecut, combined synergistically with a totally revolutionary nose shape, camber profile and taper to ensure fantastic edgehold as well as incredibly efficient and smooth turn initiation and completion.

Unlike other board designs, which can overpressure the tip and tail during a turn (exhibited as a tendency for the nose to "dive" or "plow" during turn initiation, and the tail to "hook" at the end of the turn), the Kessler KST shape redistributes edge pressure, so that the nose feeds smoothly into the turn, providing maximum acceleration and optimal edge pressure distribution. The tail of a KST board releases cleanly and smoothly at the end of the turn. The overall smoothness of the KST shape increases rider control and safety, reduces skidding, and ensures maximum speed throughout the turn.

And what about the construction? Well, Kessler has been specializing in titanal construction snowboards for years. Since vaulting onto the US scene with Philipp Schoch's Gold in the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, Kessler titanal boards have racked up an overwhelming number of wins. Kessler has continually tested and refined board construction techniques, and produces the most advanced, most copied, and most envied titanal boards in the world.

Hallmarks of the Kessler construction are superior torsional strength, with a supple longitudinal flex pattern that enables the board to track unerringly over difficult race conditions. The boards provide tenacious edgehold, smooth tracking, and a damp, controlled ride.

It all adds up to a world-beating product, and CATEK is very excited to be able to offer Kessler boards to North American riders.