F2 Race and Intec TI bindings

F2 Intec™ & Race Ti Bindings

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F2 Race Ti and INTEC™ Ti plate bindings are have long been favorites of freecarvers and competitive racers alike. This season the standard bail configuration Race Ti model offers improved flex and power transmission due to new bail geometry. The step-in INTEC™ Ti model boasts a refined base design that provides increased flex for comfort and control in all conditions. Both of these models are simple, effective bindings with performance that has been proven time and again on the World Cup!

Key Features

Standard | Step-In

F2 offers the Titanium series in the toe lever Race Ti and step-in INTEC™ Ti configurations. The choice between the interfaces is mostly an issue of personal preference, but there are a few general differences. The INTEC™ Ti system is more rigid than the bail closures, particularly in regard to lateral movement, and requires that you install INTEC™ heel units on your boots. The bail/toe lever system accomodates a wider range of boots, including ski boots and older, non-INTEC™ compatible boots.

Note: F2 INTEC™ Ti Bindings are to be used only with F2 INTEC™ heel units (as shown here). Use of other step-in heel mechanisms is not recommended or warrantied.


F2 bindings are available in two sizes to fit a wide range of boot sizes.

Medium: 21.5–27.5MP
Large: 26.5–31.0MP